Timo de Jong, Album Release Party

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\”Driving through the Dutch landscape but also walking long-distance trails, the \”verdozing\” of The Netherlands is something that I have noticed for something like two decades now. Big Grey Boxes are everywhere in the landscape. These huge complexes where stuff is shipped and reshipped. \”Transport and logistics\” it often says on the lorries I pass, driving from big grey box to big grey box. Dutch singer-songwriter Timo de Jong voices his amazement at the changes our country has undergone over the past years. In a slow, modest country ballad he takes us through this landscape. He shows us the beautiful Dutch countryside viewed from the trains he\’s riding. He shows us all nature has to offer, until the landscape changes and the big grey boxes spring to view. With a soft but prominent pedal steel guitar playing in the background, attention is drawn to the song. With his darkish voice he sings in a very pleasant way, making Big Grey Boxes an extremely pleasant listening experience.\”

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